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Here are some of the Warwickshire wedding suppliers that I like to work with and that have impressed me with just how good they are at their job! So, if you are planning a wedding, look no further than these Warwickshire wedding suppliers.

Photographers & Video

Karen Massey

Louise Bowles

Jeff Land

Mini Movie Weddings

Van Rensburg Films


Amanda Luther

Bumble & Wild

Hair Stylists

Harriet Evans

Charlotte Williams

Sheena (Gloucs & Cotswolds)

Wedding Gowns

Elizabeth Ayers

Shakespeare in Love


Princess Patisserie

Beck’s Bakes

Musicians & Entertainment

Henrietta Smith Harpist
Cliff Bywater Guitarist

Health & Well-Being

Mark Powlett Hypnotherapy
Camellia Fitness
Wendy O’Hare
The Beauty Studio

Bowen by Michelle Hibberd


Wendy Dishman

Julia Jones

Wedding Design & Inspiration

Dee McMeeking


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Bowen Therapy for Brides

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