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Tantastic! Really?

Have you been enjoying all the sunny weather that we’ve been having? Fingers crossed we’ll have some more before summer’s out!

The sunshine can make us look and feel a whole lot better but it can also play havoc with your wedding preparations. Yes, it’s the dreaded tan lines and strap marks that just don’t fit the bill with your very carefully chosen wedding dress. It’s so easy to do, staying out that but too long in the sun without adequate protection to stop you from tanning or worse still burning.

Airbrush make-up is great to even out skin tone and can be a day-saver. I also carry a range of camouflage cosmetics in my kit which are heavy-duty concealers originally designed for helping the appearance of scars, birthmarks and for covering tattoos. These products are perfect for covering tan lines, strap marks, insect bites and any other skin blemish which may come along to try and spoil your big day.

If you do get tan lines that are going to show up when you are in your dress let your make-up artist know before the wedding day so she can allow time to conceal them and have the right concealing products to hand – airbrush and/or camouflage cosmetics.

Contact Rowena on: 07910 168577 or to discuss how you can have great looking skin and an even skin tone on your wedding day.

Loughborough based make-up artist, Sue York also uses camouflage cosmetics to help her clients’ cover scars in time for the summer holidays….

Are Your Scars Ruining Your Holiday?

Are Your Scars Ruining Your Holiday?Skin camouflage practitioner and make-up artist, Sue York, says, camouflage cosmetics can create amazing results in the cover up of scars, vitiligo, psoriasis and stretch marks. The wonderful thing is that the products are waterproof, so you can go in the sea, swimming pool and wear a bikini without feeling self conscious and can enjoy your holiday to the full.

Here is what one of my clients said about her scar concealing camouflage – “I swam in the hotel pool with my 2 year old daughter for the very, very first time and nobody knew there was anything wrong with my skin. The pool was full of people and I was so happy I cried!”

I would always recommend a camouflage consultation will ensure you get the products that are exactly right for you and will give you the confidence to achieve the best results.

For more information and to book your camouflage consultation, call Sue on: 07847 510 343
Email: or Visit:

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