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Wedding Make-Up Tips: Tattoo Cover

A Tattoo is a great expression of personal style but sometimes you may wish it would go away. Wearing a beautiful and revealing bridal gown is one of those situations. If you’ve already tried  your normal everyday make-up to cover your tattoo you will know that it just doesnt do the job.

Tattoo cover up needs camouflage products (sometimes called camouflage make-up) which don’t affect the tattoo itself.

Tattoo cover up using camouflage make-up works in two stages:

1. A camouflage cream that blocks the intense black, green or blue pigment of the tattoo – this is often a dark pink or dark orange shade. The layer of cream must then be set with powder.
2. On top of the first layer, use a layer of cream that matches the tone of the surrounding skin.This layer must also be set with powder and may be finished off with a fixing spray.

Tattoo Cover BeforeTattoo Cover After

The cover-up will now be waterproof and smudgeproof and should last all your wedding day! Perfect for your photographs!

The key to a successful cover up is choosing the correct shade of camouflage cream and then getting the application right. Skin camouflage practitioners are specially trained to do this. A face to face consultation is the best way to reduce the expense and frustration of wasted purchases made over the counter or online. Find out more on my dedicated website Skin Camouflage Advice

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