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Wedding Make-Up For All Ages

Wedding Make-Up Artist 23Why should age be a barrier to looking fabulous? The good news is that with the right wedding make-up products, techniques and shades we can look fabulous at any age.

As a professional wedding make-up artist I am often asked if I only do makeovers for young women. The answer is most definitely not! So why not give mum and mum-in-law the special gift of professional make-up on your special day?

And here are some top tips to get her started….


…..use a primer under your foundation

These are a relatively new invention but make a big difference to the appearance of the skin imparting radiance, evening out skin tone, filling in fine lines and keeping the skin looking fresher for longer.

…..use a foundation with a satin finish

We need foundation that is yellow-toned and works with the primer. Go for a satin finish rather than matt. My favourite is Chanel Vitalumiere Satin Smoothing Fluid Makeup which has great light-reflecting and hydrating properties.

…..wear blusher

Blush is important because as we age our skin loses pigment. Choose a cream blush in a soft shade such as rose or apricot. Apply to the apples of the cheeks and blend upwards and outwards towards the hairline. This will give you a healthy glow. Try Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Cream Blush.

……try lip gloss

Gloss will not only add shine but give the illusion of plump lips and make the lines around the mouth less visible. Go for neutral shades or pretty pinks or corals. Gloss also adds a contemporary feel to your look.

……define your eyes

Open any women’s magazine and lashes are big news. Curl your upper lashes using a metal eyelash curler to wake up your eyes and then apply two coats of a volumising mascara in black, plum or dark blue. These shades will reflect into the eyes making the whites appear brighter. Try Chanel Inimitable Intense mascara.


…..use brown shades

Browns in eye make-up, blush and lip colours will make you look washed out and tired. Instead choose soft tones of plum, charcoal, slate or olive for the eyes. Pick shadows that have a slight shimmer – I find that Clinique and Bobbi Brown get this one right.

…..over powder

Powder is essential to fix your foundation but it must be kept to a minimum focussing on areas that are prone to shine such as nose and chin. Otherwise it will only highlight all those fine lines that you have worked so hard to disguise!

……forget your eyebrows

Properly shaped eyebrows can give an instant face lift. Visit a professional beauty therapist to get the correct shape for your face and from then on you can maintain it. Always brush brows upwards and outwards and fix with a brow gel – try Benefit’s SpeedBrow.

…be scared to modernise your look

The products and the knowledge are out there so just take a little advice and learn some new tricks but above all enjoy it! There’s no reason to save wedding make-up just for weddings!

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